Become a CloudNode and Earn Rewards

As a CloudNode, you receive the Cloudchain token (ticker symbol: CTC), earned through validating transactions and creating blocks!

How to earn rewards as a CloudNode:

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CloudNode is a transaction validation protocol implemented through a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm. 100,000 CTC tokens are required to participate - acquired through an exchange or marketplace. A high performance CPU, Java 8 and a fast and reliable internet connection is required.

To become a CloudNode, click the
“Be a CloudNode” button
to receive an Asset Agreement Implementation (AAI) Key. This will enable a .JAR file to be downloaded for activation.

Once downloaded, follow the installation process and execute the command using the Terminal application:

java -jar cloudchain-validator-1.0.0-mainnet.jar --aai.key=Asset Key

*Please make sure to input the asset key you received in the portion of the command where it says “Asset Key”

To earn rewards, CloudNodes are randomly selected to validate transactions in order to create a block and receive 0.00001 CTC.

Where can I use my rewards:

Why participate as a CloudNode:

Start earning your rewards as a CloudNode.

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