Reinventing blockchain to ignite a whole new ecosystem

In a world where people want accountability, reliability, compliance, security, verifiability, auditability, acceptance of liability, we’ve created a platform that provides all these in a fully integrated and simplified experience.

Lack of interoperability, governance, and integration models prevent pervasive blockchain deployment across financial services ecosystems. Cloudchain poses a solution that bridges the blockchain ecosystem and existing financial infrastructure and provides the necessary security, scalability, and decentralization needed for today’s economy. The first and most robust blockchain ever created in the world, our full cycle blockchain technology addresses the fragmented blockchain market by tackling both centralized and decentralized solutions and the full exchange of digital and traditional assets within the same blockchain.

A vast new financial ecosystem that has everything you need

Cloudchain reinvents blockchain and cryptocurrency by putting the puzzle pieces together and offering a comprehensive picture of an ecosystem you never have to leave.

Our mission is to bring a solution that provides the foundation for a richer set of financial services. We offer an off-the-shelf, complete packaged blockchain solution that simplifies complexities and makes it easier to identify appropriate use cases and therefore, spur widespread adoption.

More importantly, we’re solving real-world problems in places and situations where they are needed the most—bringing the unbanked and underserved markets into the global financial system, creating greater transpar- ency, enhancing security, improving traceability, increasing efficiency and speed, and reducing costs in all kinds of transactions—to revolutionize the way people do things every day.

Create a digital Philippines with Cloudchain