Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation

Enable your end users to access their funds on-the-go and manage their funds easily.


Best in class security

You’re the custodian so only you have control. Manage your funds in a completely secure environment.

Send and receive instantly

Whether you’re sending to a friend or transacting for business, Clouchain allows you to send and receive fiat and cryptocurrencies with the lowest fees.

Buy, sell, exchange

Easily exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies instantly without leaving your secure wallet

Access anywhere, everywhere

Transform the financial system right from your pocket! Your wallet is available anywhere - ready to keep up with your pace.


Cloudchain enables cross-border commerce for your solutions

We offer 155 crypto-pegged stablecoins that can be used by your end users across 221 countries and territories for global-value transfers backed by the latest innovations in blockchain technology..

Join us in creating a digital country with Cloudchain